Valentino Khan & Ship Wrek’s new song “Obsession” is the hottest new EDM track for the summer season. This new song artistically combines Ship Wrek’s upbeat house melodies with Khan’s heavy drops to create a new track that will have you on your feet and grooving. Khan and Ship Wrek are two very different artists that have combined their diverse sounds into “Obsession.” Creating a new futuristic vibe for both artists.

 “Obsessions” melodic chorus tells the story of a world in the future. From the harmonious robotic voice singing, “I can’t live without you”, to the cover art showing a robotic woman behind glass. This new track definitely tells a love story between man and machine, which is very symbolic for EDM culture and music. The love between man and machine that transcends into music.

 With the hard drops, similar to “Deep Down Low”, that are a staple for any Valentino Khan song. The dreamy tone makes this track different from anything that Khan has created before. “Obsession” is a perfect marriage of these two artists.  The clear mechanical beat of “Obsession” sets the stage for an upbeat track, perfect for any festival or party. While the smooth house chorus of this track is a direct influence from Ship Wrek. You can clearly see where each artist had its hand in creating this masterpiece.

Who Is Ship Wrek?

Ship Wreck is a Los Angeles duo that is infamous for their upbeat house music.  They have been a staple in any feel-good playlist and bring the funk with any set they are performing. Ship Wrek has collaborated with many popular DJs like Dillon Francis, Jauz, and Zedd. He’s gone on to create top hits like “Ark,” “Mirror Mirror,” and “Pain.” Ship Wrek has created their own name in the EDM scene and has been a group to keep tabs on.

Valentino Khan & Ship Wreks new futuristic track, Obsession, tells a love story between man and machine

Valentino Khan is an LA artist known worldwide for his deep beats that incorporate mechanical melodies to keep your hips moving. Famous for his top tracks “Pump,” and “Lick It,” Khan has a very distinct style of music that has transformed EDM music. He has collaborated with many other popular artists like Diplo, Skrillex, and Katy Perry. He has created his own name in the EDM scene and tours internationally, so you can catch him at many different festivals worldwide.

Valentino Khan & Ship Wreks new futuristic track, Obsession, tells a love story between man and machine

It’s a disappointing realization that the infamous festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, would be happening this month. Obsession transports you to the futuristic dance floor where you can get down and dirty, perfect for festival season. The combination of these two very different artists is what makes “Obsession” different from other new tracks. Hopefully the collaboration between these artists is something we can continue to see in the future.

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