Valley Pure is a rapidly expanding chain of medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries serving California’s Central Valley. Just last week on July 3rd, they were able to open up at a brand new location in Lemoore at 308 E St. In addition to the new Valley Pure Lemoore spot, you can find them in Farmersville, Woodlake, and Lindsay. The new dispensary in Lemoore had its grand opening just in time for the upcoming 7/10 OIL day. With the new dispensary, Valley Pure is bringing the same beefy menu of California’s top-performing brand, alongside outstanding customer service.

Valley Pure Lemoore is operating under the same hours as the others, 10am-7pm Monday through Saturday, closing at 5:30pm on Sundays. There’s something unique about every new dispensary that Valley Pure opens. With the new shop in Lemoore, it has a very inviting feel once you enter. It feels so new that it’s like sitting in a new car. The shelves are immaculate and the lighting is plentiful. They’ve already put together an impeccable menu of fan favorites that fits any budget. 

There are daily deals at Valley Pure Lemoore that customers can enjoy 10% off on specific categories. Veterans may also secure 10% off daily, and anyone coming in on their birthday. If you’re worried about cleanliness when visiting the shop—it couldn’t get much cleaner than this. With the store less than a week old, and social distancing rules still firmly in place, you can rest easy. It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for concentrates or vapes, they currently have over 300 products to choose from.

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Potent Cannabis Concentrate Brands

7/10 is the illustrious day that stoners have been popularizing over the last several years. With the date spelling OIL upside down, it’s only natural that it’s getting more popular in the way that 4/20 is now almost a religious holiday. Some of the praiseworthy concentrate brands they carry include Buddies Brand, Connected Cannabis Co., Beezle, Cookies, STIIIZY, and Summit Boys.

Product Recommendations

From the literal hundreds of options on Valley Pure Lemoore’s menu for cannabis concentrates and vape cartridges, it’s hard to pin down some favorites. But, we did notice a few of our go-to strains and/or brands currently filling their menu. First, Buddies Brand is always a solid choice for single-source fresh frozen live resin flavor. Look for Buddies’ Liquid Diamonds Live Resin and find your favorite terps listed on the packaging. 

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Next, they have the CurePods from West Coast Cure. Zkittlez is one of our favorite stoney and berry-rich strains that never disappoints. A few other standout strains they carry in the CurePods are Super Glue, Motor Breath, and Gelato. These are all only running for $30-40 before tax and they even offer their distillate + live resin sauce CurePods. 

For straight-up dabs, Beezle has some great options. The first one we took notice of is the Chem Dog Cured Resin Budder for $35 a gram before tax. This looks like it’d pack all of the chemically and gassy flavors of the Chem Dog for an agreeable price. Beezle also has a Garanimals Live Resin Sugar that looks absolutely delicious. It’s a little bit more expensive, but the terps look seem like they’d be out of control.