Cannabis progressing throughout the free market is a beautiful thing. Innovations in all sectors of the cannabis industry are exploding at an unprecedented rate.  Cannabis flower comes in more beautiful varieties than it ever has, cannabis extractors keeping pushing the boundaries on concentrates made with solvents like BHO, and others are expounding on thousands of years of hash creation by exploring new ways to make hash rosin and other types of solventless concentrates. Cannabis technology is also evolving to create hi-tech versions of classic delivery systems. Vape Bubbler’s is one of these companies. The Vape Bubbler Space Cannon is a device that blurs the lines between portable vape, dab rig, and water pipe.

The Vape Bubbler Space Cannon comes in a sturdy carrying case and gives the device a slick vibe. Contained inside is the Space Cannon battery unit, stand, silicon concentrate container, glass mouthpiece, charging cable, extra heating coil and a nectar-collector set-up.

The device is easy enough to set up. Unscrew the battery unit to reveal a single battery that is wrapped in plastic. Remove the plastic so the device can be charged and operated correctly. Five quick pushes of the power button turn the device on and off. You’ll see confirmation on the LED screen that has a HUD for battery and other vital readouts. Hold in the temperature setting up or down to choose your preferred heat. I found the best heat to be in the 450-465 degree temperature range.

The Space Cannon features a slew of other settings that can be accessed with specific sequences of button pushes. You can activate a stealth mode and a number of other clever settings. The instruction manual that’s included goes into depth about these settings and how to discover them. The battery is rechargeable, but it can also be removed and easily replaced.

I used the Vape Bubbler Space Cannon during Capitol Hill Block Party last weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how this device performed exactly how they said it would. I kept it in my trunk and puffed on it tough after I paid for my parking before I entered the festival each day.

To fill up the glass portion with water, stick it under the faucet and rotate, you’ll see the water enter, and the double seal makes sure you can store it while it’s filled with water. You want the water to be just below the platform in the center of the glass bubbler.

I used several types of concentrates with the Space Cannon and found the best luck with shatter and rosin. This allowed for easiest use with the least amount of clean-up because you can use your hands and place the concentrate directly on the coils. Once you slide the glass over the coil (it should fit nice and snug), you can hold the down the button and inhale. While you’re inhaling, use your index finger to tap the carb hole and you’ll see the smoke fill up the glass chamber. Once it’s milky, release the button and carb and rip it!

The nectar-collector slides into the glass portion where the atomizer fits. Then you can heat up the end that looks like a metal straw with a torch and stick it directly into your concentrate for a bubbling nectar-collector.

The center platform acts as a reclaim catch keeping your water clean the airflow constant. This device is engineered well and it solves a lot of problems that other portable devices have. For $300, you’re getting a multifaceted device that makes your traveling dabbing needs streamlined. The quality is apparent and this device is built to last.

Unboxing The Vape Bubbler Space Cannon

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