Wale has dropped a new project titled The Imperfect Storm. The D.C rapper has been doing his thing in the game for years. With releases such as Ambition and The Gifted, he’s elevated himself to be at the top of the rap game. With his latest project, he presents lyrical gems mixed with instrumentals that perfectly fit the message and topics that he presents throughout. From start to finish, he addresses the varying social issues in America including systematic racism and the needed change to take place with our current social climate.

The lyrics that Wale shares throughout the project are powerful. This can be seen in songs such as “MOVIN’ DIFFERENT.” With the track, he mentions lyrics such as “America is gone, and here are the results I’m tryna move different but to where ’cause I’m lost.” With lines like this, it’s refreshing to hear his raw and candid words. This definitely provides the project its identity, and just might be one of his best yet.

There is no question that every track stands out on this EP. With that said, early standout songs include “BLUE YELLOW GREEN PINK WHITE” and “June 5th / QueenZnGodZ.” In the important time that our country is in, this is a project that everyone needs to be listening to especially this summer.

Wale – The Imperfect Storm