As a budtender in Washington, there are countless cannabis products to learn about. I come into work each day excited about what new goodies we might have at the shop. There are so many different amazing brands that are producing top-notch cultivars and potent extractions. Customers are always asking: “what’s your favorite?” Since it’s summer, I thought I’d recommend a few of my current favorite sweet and citrus strains available throughout the state.

When considering some of my favorite cannabis products—flavor, aroma, and growing practices all come into play. The following brands all utilize sustainable growing practices and remain pesticide-free whether they’re growing or extracting quality cannabis.

Golden Lemons Cart – Svin Gardens (Stanwood, WA)

A citrusy Sativa-dominant hybrid that leaves me feeling light, euphoric, and at that perfect giggle-inducing level. In my experience, this strain is ideal for during the day. Golden Lemons helps drive my creative flow and relieves my social anxiety. The bright and fluffy nugs provide a fresh and herbal flavor. For a sweet and citrus strain, the Golden Lemons is always a winner.

Svin Gardens is definitely a Washington cannabis favorite of mine. Operating out of Stanwood, they’re continuously producing impressive and potent flower, dabs, and carts. Their Golden Lemons HTE cartridge delivers on flavor every time.

Irene Apricot – Sub X

Whether I am buying this strain in flower or in vape cartridges, I am impressed every time. This Indica-dominant Kush strain really does it for me in the flavor department. Sweet, flavorful, and reminiscent of fresh apricots. I’m a sucker for summer fruit strains with sticky trichome-coated buds.

Sub X is also especially local at my shop, located in Ferndale, just outside of Bellingham, Wash. 

Image via @gypsy_jippo

Lemon Meringue – Avitas Grown

This is a recent addition to my list of go-to Sativa-dominant hybrid strains. A blissful high that uplifts my mood and calms my mind. Lemon Meringue and social time or my creative flow go hand in hand. The sweet citrusy scent and candied lemon citrus flavor undertones really do it for me.

You can find AVITAS and their pesticide-free products all along the West Coast. Their main operation running out of Arlington, just south of Bellingham, WA.

Kush Cake Oil Cartridge – Skord

How could I not love this Wedding Cake x Kush Mints cross? And in a cartridge, too? This Indica-dominant strain by Skord really takes the cake for me in its vape cartridge form. The full spectrum hash oil makes for a smooth smoke, with a sweet and decadent finish.

Skord is a Washington-based farm producing high-quality, pesticide-free cannabis products. I’ve personally never been less than blown away by any flower, cartridge, or PHO concentrate I’ve gotten from them. 10/10 would recommend. 

Strawberries & Cream Pre-Roll – Sugarleaf

This cerebral Indica-dominant strain from Sugarleaf really does it for me. Smoking one of the pre-rolls had me feeling euphoric, relaxed, and up in the clouds. The joints burned evenly, greeting my tastebuds with sweet fruity undertones with each toke.

Sugarleaf, run out of Sedro-Woolley, produces potent and flavorful flower at an affordable price point. Their product flies off our shop’s shelves, with eye-catching fluffy and sugary nugs. You can find a variety of options from the pre-roll line to suit any budget or occasion.

Image via @sugarleaffarm

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