Ladies, you’ve come to the right place. If you have a uterus or identify as a woman, and smoke weed, or have an interest in consuming weed, this article is for you. If you’ve ever been looking for weed for women online, we have a few options to consider. 

As you know, womanhood comes with some strings attached. The pain and exhaustive nature of your menstrual cycle, the ups-and-downs of hormones, anxiety, and stress leading to loss of sleep. While being a woman is powerful, it can also be tiring. As per usual, cannabis is here to help.

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but weed has the strong potential to target these problem areas. The medicinal properties of THC and CBD might work wonders for things like period cramps and low libido.

Looking at the genetics of your cannabis can better assist you in buying the best weed for your needs. Multiple cannabinoids work together with terpenoids and flavonoids in each strain to produce unique effects. In that vein, here are three potent cannabis strains that might help any lady potentially find good health and happiness.

Durban Poison: Daytime Pain And Anxiety Relief 

The Durban Poison strain is known for its potentially energizing and euphoric effects. This sweet-tasting Sativa strain is a go-to for potential pain and stress relief. Great for daytime use, Durban Poison might give you that clear-headed high that will ease your anxiety and bring a little creative spark. 

For ladies with menstrual cramps that keep you from going about your day, Durban Poison might provide that relief you’re looking for. With powerful medicinal properties targeting chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, this is a trusty strain to keep around that might provide a pleasant boost.

The potential cerebral and uplifting effects of the Durban Poison strain elevates your mood and might help you break past the weight of painful periods or the stresses of daily life. 

Atomic Northern Lights: Uplifting Sensuous Experience 

Photo Via. King Green Buds

Let’s talk about libido. A woman’s sex drive can be influenced by a lot of different factors. Some of these can include stress, depression, and unpredictable waves of hormones each month. A woman’s sex drive and women’s experiences with sex are complex and wide-ranging. For those who haven’t been enlightened to the benefits of cannabis on libido and time in the bedroom, let’s clear that up. 

Cannabis strains with euphoric and powerful sensory effects are known to potentially help out in the bedroom. Atomic Northern Lights, or Atomic NL, might increase sex drive, ease anxieties surrounding sex, and increase pleasure. This sensual strain might have you feeling calm and at ease.

This Indica-dominant cross between Afghani and Thai Haze might be a woman’s new best friend. Prized for its high potential for euphoric and social effects, Atomic NL might be the ideal strain for an evening in with your partner. Since it is a heavier Indica strain, it might also possess some favorable knock-out power. This is definitely not a bad cannabis strain to keep in the drawer of your bedside table.

Sweet And Sour Widow: Bedtime

A little something to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Sweet and Sour Widow is a dreamy 1:1 ratio Indica strain. By combining equal parts CBD to THC, it might create a balanced, sleepy, and euphoric high.

This strain carries a sweet and savory flavor profile, with notes of onion. Without too high of THC percentages, Sweet and Sour Widow won’t get you too stoned but will still potentially have a medicinal relaxation effect. 

The low psychoactive effects of this Indica strain make it a perfect strain for women who are novice cannabis consumers, or patients looking for potential health benefits. Sweet and Sour Widow is also said to potentially quell anxiety and depression, creating calming and clear-headed effects.