Colorado Weed Prices Are Dropping Quickly

2017 has seen weed prices drop in all markets, but none as dramatic as Colorado, the Cannabist reported. Wholesale price per pound is down from a two grand high in 2016, to just over $1,100 per pound now. Production is up, which is creating more competition amongst producers and driving the price down, even though demand remains high. reported that one reason for this could be the corporate conglomerates who slash prices to undercut their competition.

Read The Economist’s full report on dropping cannabis prices. 

2017 GETA Symposium Aimed at Cannabis Standardization

The Genetic and Environmental Toxicology Association (GETA) is aiming their 2017 Fall symposium at the cannabis industry, more specifically at the standardization of cannabis cultivation, Terpenes and Testing Magazine reports.  The event will be held December 4th in Oakland, California and you can register here.

The symposium is titled “The Science of Cannabis: Endocannabinoid Signaling and Pesticides in Cannabis Cultivation.” Topics that will be covered include pesticide regulation and what role the body’s endocannabinoid system plays in brain function and development.

Standardizing cultivation and pesticide use is an important step in making the industry as safe and transparent as possibe. The Oregonian has covered this topic extensively and while many processors are supplying clean products, some are not.