Weschamber is a DJ/producer known for his genre-bending music and anonymous identity which he hides stylishly behind his helmeted persona. He’s had success with his debut EP So They Call These Emotions, and more recently, his track “Midnight” became featured on iHeartRadio stations across California.

I contacted Weschamber recently over Twitter to talk with him about his latest EP. Along the way, we got into deeper discussion about his challenges, musical views, and what it means to him to be an artist. Continue below to check out his EP and read the full interview.

Weschamber – So They Call These Emotions

RMR Interviews Weschamber

*This interview has been edited for clarity*

RMR: Who is Weschamber? What does the title mean to you? When you look in the mirror or sit back and analyze yourself, who do you see?

Wes: Weschamber behind the mask is someone who anyone with a dream can relate to. I’ve been through every possible up and down. Life has given me a difficult maze to traverse through, but I strive to constantly grow and evolve as an artist. When I look in the mirror, I see a kid who has dreams to change the world with my music, and the determination to make those dreams come true.

RMR: Why do you wear a helmet and work as an anonymous artist? Do you see it as a necessity to hide your identity?

Wes: I love this question and often am asked this. There are a good amount of reasons. One is because I want people to pay attention to my music and fall in love with the art, and my persona is like an extension of my music. I also have extreme anxiety so the helmet gives me some confidence in a weird way. I know when my helmet’s on, it’s game time, and when it’s off I have the privacy in my personal life that I think most known artists probably don’t get enough of.

RMR: What’s your story? When and why did you get into music? Where does your inspiration come from?

Wes: Music was introduced to me very young. I grew up playing the piano and fell in love instantly. My inspiration comes from people. Music is a universal language, one of the few things that people everywhere can agree to love together regardless of their background. I love being able to spread music that makes people feel connected and happy.

RMR: What are your goals as an artist? What kind of impact do you want to make with your music?

Wes: Haha, well as a young musician I wanted to win a Grammy, but my goals have changed a little as I’ve gotten older. I still think getting a Grammy would be amazing, but one of the biggest goals I have now is to help change the world with my craft. It may sound crazy, but it’s something I fully believe in. I want to reach new heights in music by crossing over smoothly into all genres and create something that people will truly appreciate on a new level. I also want to remain true and personal to my fans along the way.

RMR: How has music changed your life?

Wes: Music is everything to me. To be able to do what I love and call it a “job” is crazy. I work so hard in order to be able to share my music with people and for them to feel connected to it. I still can’t believe it sometimes. Music’s got me through the toughest of times, and to me, it’s unlike anything else. I love it.

RMR: What do you think are the biggest pitfalls that artists fall into when they are first coming up, or when they become successful?

Wes: That’s an interesting question. I would say that social media is both the most amazing and most terrible tool around. It’s been necessary for my career but in the same instance can be annoying or harmful at times. I think that every artist early on will enjoy the initial love. But once the hate starts to come, and it inevitably does, many people don’t know how to cope with it. It can be a tricky thing to manage and you have to be very responsible with how you use it. My advice for new artists is to prepare for this and find your balance in using it, and don’t forget to keep your attention on your craft and those who love and support what you do.

RMR: What’s your favorite thing to do after playing a show? Do you socialize and have fun, or sneak out the back door?

Wes: My favorite thing after the show? The studio. I’m always super amped up and ready to work right away after a show. Sometimes I do stay and hang out and vibe with my fans though. I really enjoy meeting my fanbase and getting to know them.

RMR: On the topic of “So These Are Emotions,” how did you come up with the concept for your EP?

Wes: I had this concept for STAE which was based around relating human emotions that everyone has experienced. Every song on the EP was meant to reflect a certain feeling that I had been experiencing during the creative process of that song. I wanted to create something that anyone could relate to emotionally, on their own personal level.

RMR: What were the biggest challenges faced in creating this EP?

Wes: For those who have never done so, completing an EP is rough. There’s an immense amount of work involved in creating the tracks, but the hardest thing for me is narrowing down which songs I decide to keep on the EP, and which to release separately.

RMR: What’s your favorite part of So They Call These Emotions?

Wes: I would have to say the song “Love” is my favorite part of the EP. It was actually a late addition and the shortest track on the EP, but I got a lot of feedback from fans who really connected with it. For me, the vibe of that song really tied the project together. The EP paints this picture of life and the many emotions we feel, but I feel that love is the underlined message I wanted to convey. It felt very appropriate to be able to end with that song.

RMR Interviews Weschamber | Debut EP: "So They Call These Emotions"

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