Western Cultured is one of RMR’s favorite cannabis brands. Not only have they partnered with us for multiple events, they’ve always offered great flower and concentrates. Western Cultured extracts and flower are reinforced with terpene knowledge that is easy for consumers to digest. Training tools like the Western Cultured flavor wheel put them ahead of the curve on consumer-based terpene knowledge.

I myself learned much about terpenes from their flavor wheel infographic. The flavor wheel is divided into four basic and commonly found flavor profiles: spicy, sweet, sour, and earthy. Each flavor has corresponding colors and terpenes that are associated with those aromas and flavors. Some terpenes overlap with multiple flavor profiles, like terpinolene, and its piney-citrus aromas that fall into both spicy and sour categories. The color-scales do a great job of indicating the range of each terpenes flavor profile.

Each flavor on the wheel and it’s associated terpenes are linked to strains, and that makes it easy for a consumer to visually connect strains to terpenes. Here are the strains associated with each flavor.

Spicy: Galactic Death Star, Hiker’s Headband, Kraken Black Pepper, Perma Frost

Sweet: Acapulco Gold, Island Breeze, Blue Dream, Penny Wiser, Cherry Pie, Thai Berry, Platinum Cookies, Pacific Purple Urkle, Northern Lights

Sour: Banana Split, Mega Jackpot, Seatown Lemon Haze, Dutch  Treat

Earthy: Seahawk Silvertip, Jurassic OGK, Tahoe OG, Camp Cinex, Evergreen Afgoo, Galactic Glue

Western Cultured takes these strains and turns them into one of their four types of cannabis concentrates: distillate, high terpene, hydrocarbon, and carbon dioxide.

Distillate: Western Culture partnered with cannabis science purveyors the Werc Shop to create strain specific vape cartridges. The strains and terpenes are “expertly profiled” to ensure they match each strain’s profile like it was just harvested.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Another style of vape cartridge, this is the safest and cleanest type of extraction. We breathe in CO2 every single day as it makes up a large portion of our atmosphere. Their Cartridges never contain fillers like coconut oil, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

High Terpene: These dabables are made in collaboration with Mantis Extracts. These concentrates are created with a proprietary hydrocarbon blend that leaves products that closest represents a strain directly out of the garden. These extracts can contain up to 25 percent terpenes while still keeping THC percentages around 65 percent.

Hydrocarbon: Partnering with another top Washington extraction laboratory, Xtracted Laboratories, gave Western Cultured extracts an incredibly potent product line. The same guys that power Refine’s coveted Loud Resin create a line of products exclusively found with Western Cultured.

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