Let’s be clear so there’s no disconnect, Lazy Bee Gardens’ Wifi OG strain is a potent, euphoric sativa dominant hybrid that, after just a few tokes, will get your creative juices flowing and having your brain give off all sorts of signals. Poor “wifi” puns aside, this cross breed of The White and Fire OG gives off a wonderfully pleasant high, providing a little bit of body-relaxation from The White’s indica half, and also includes a powerful and thought-provoking mental high presumably from the Fire OG’s sativa dominant side. This combination makes Wifi OG an excellent choice for laid-back situations surrounded by people you love getting high and contemplating life with (one of the oldest stoner past-times).

Grown in Methow Valley, Washington, Lazy Bee Gardens is proof that marijuana cultivated outside, when done with care and precision, can pack just as much of a punch as the lab-grown plants. I knew this to be true about the Wifi OG because before I was even able to smoke it, I noticed the number of trichomes that were falling off the flower and sticking to my fingertips. It was like the nugs had dandruff it was so abundant, which made me speed up the picture taking process because I wanted to hit it with as much kiefy-goodness as possible.

After finishing a bowl out of my pipe in about five minutes, I could feel it coming on immediately behind my eyes. The smoke wasn’t harsh at all and gave off a distinct earthy and sour taste/smell. It’s an interesting flavor that won’t crack into my favorites, but it’s not bad at all and totally worth it for the quality high it induces. It left me laughing my ass off, watching episodes of Rick and Morty I’ve already seen with some of my best friends as we discuss how underrated the genre of cartoons is in general.

If the next time you find yourself smoking is with a group of people and y’all aren’t really doing much, I strongly suggest you pick yourself up some Wifi OG and let your conversation and company be your entertainment.

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 20.16%
  • CDB: 0.22%


Wifi OG Terpene Profile

  • Ocimene         <45%
  • Pinene             >10%
  • Myrcene          >10%
  • Caryophyllene >5%
  • Humulene        >2%
  • Limonene          >2%

Where To Buy Lazy Bee Gardens’ Wifi Og

  • Hashtag Cannabis Fremont
  • Diego Pellicer Seattle


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