Green Revolution’s Wildside Mango Tropical Storm CBD edible drink is like a little taste of summer in a glass. A sweet and fruity cannabis-infused drink is one way to transport yourself right to the beach. Green Revolution really hit the mark with this tropical CBD drink, as they tend to do with their cannabis edibles. This cannabis-infused juice is a 10:1 CBD to THC ratio, making it the perfect drink to sip on without getting slumped.

While we’ve carried Green Revolution’s Wildside cannabis-infused drinks at my shop since I was hired, I had yet to try them out. I’m not usually one to turn to drinkable cannabis options, aside from the post-wisdom tooth experience. Until this West Coast Weed Tour review, I lacked the time. I can now officially share my opinions. 

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My Official Mango Tropical Storm Review 

Just by the looks of the packaging, this edible drink by Green Revolution was appealing. An intricate design complements the clearly labeled bottle. This particular flavor uses a colorful fractal wolf. For each variety of Wildside beverage, the bottle has a unique and vibrant design. I mean, who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing cannabis product? 

Aside from simply the physical appeal of this tropical CBD drink by Green Revolution, the cannabinoid levels are clearly labeled. As a budtender, a clearly marked product makes things a lot more fool-proof. The Mango Tropical Storm Wildside CBD drink leaves no room for confusion. 

The Mango Tropical Storm CBD drink contains a clearly marked 10:1 ratio, with 30mg of CBD and 3mg of THC total. For customers looking for products with high CBD and low THC, I find it especially important to have clearly marked packaging. The serving size cup that Green Revolution provides with their Mango Tropical Storm CBD drink also assists in clear dosing. 

Taste And Smell 

Once I cracked into this Green Revolution Wildside CBD drink, I was greeted with a faint fruity and sweet aroma. The tropical scent of the cannabis-infused beverage was not overwhelming but gave me a glimpse at the flavor of the drink. 

My tastebuds were initially, slightly alarmed by the sweetness of the drink. It was a little shocking how sweet the beverage was. I am a bit sensitive when it comes to fruit juices, but it definitely was a bit much, in all honesty. If it weren’t for the anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving effects I got from this CBD drink, I wouldn’t be convinced. 

I was also not completely blown away by the flavor of this drink. The milky looking mango drink was like a little taste of a tropical beach- sweet cocktails and artificially flavored beverages included. I ought to have expected a mango-flavored cannabis drink to taste slightly artificial, but that lingering sugar taste really wasn’t doing it for me. 

Don’t let my honest review fool you. Despite not loving mango-flavored products, the overall experience impressed me.

Wild Side - Green Revolution

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Try It For Yourself

This CBD drink by Green Revolution wins some points back with its ingredient list. With natural ingredients and vitamins included, I feel good about consuming this. The antioxidants and electrolytes make this fruity cannabis infused juice even more appealing. Even if I were to skip the suggested serving suggestion and drink the whole infused 30mg CBD drink, I would be guilt free. Besides the sugar content in this cannabis edible drink, the ingredient list is small and non-artificial. 

I may not be the biggest fan of cannabis-infused drinks, or artificial juice flavors, but my experience was enjoyable. Green Revolution continuously concocts cannabis-infused edibles with a variety of cannabinoid levels, providing options for everyone. I suggest giving this Wildside Mango Tropical Storm infused CBD drink a try. The mango flavor and calming may just transport you to your tropical beach-bum happy place. 

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