In the Pacific Northwest, our weed market is, well… plentiful. From top-notch cannabis geneticists, to an abundance of recreational dispensaries, the West Coast is really the spot for stoners, and stoner women. The flush Pacific Northwest (PNW) marijuana market really provides for us ladies.

While the cannabis scene may seem daunting from the outside, I am here to help make things a little easier. What should you buy? Who should you support? How can you make marijuana a new part of your woman’s healthcare routine? Here’s a brief look at getting started on your cannabis journey.


When first getting into cannabis use, there are a few essential pieces to understand before diving right in. First and foremost, the difference between the main cannabinoids found in marijuana. The two main compounds found in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). 

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. This is the cannabinoid that gives you that ‘stoned’ effect. If you’re looking to get that giggly euphoric buzz, then THC is for you. CBD has more of a reputation in the medical realm of the cannabis industry.

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The effects of CBD are rooted in the anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. For women’s health, cannabis is a powerful and effective medicine. And for that monthly reminder of how empowering it is to be a woman, the THC and CBD combination is a truly effective duo. 

Sativa VS. Indica

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If you’re searching for that silly, relaxed and stoned cannabis experience, then you’re probably leaning toward THC. That’s where things get interesting- choosing your strain. With the legalization of marijuana medically and then recreationally in the PNW, we’re quite spoiled for selection and quality. Focusing in on women’s health and marijuana is quite easy in the PNW.

So, what are you looking for out of your ‘high’? Going on a hike, or doing art, and want to feel energized and alert? Or, are you having a movie night in, or maybe having some trouble sleeping? There are cannabis genetics that provide it all. 

The Lively Friend, Sativa 

Sativa strains are known for their active and creative effects, higher energy and uplifting moods. Sativas generally contain higher levels of terpenes like pinene and limonene that create the euphoric and stimulating effects. Terpenes are aromatic oils found in cannabis that distinguish their strong fragrance and flavor. 

Some trusty sativa strains known for their uplifting and anxiety-relieving effects are Sour Diesel, Tropicana Cookies and Super Lemon Haze. Sour Diesel even has a reputation for its aphrodisiac nature- another women’s health win.

The Peaceful Friend, Indica

If you’re not searching for a flow of energy, then maybe seek out an indica or a mellow hybrid. Indica, or ‘in-da-couch’ strains, have a reputation for giving you that stoney anxiety-relieving buzz. Generally, they’ll present more earthy and berry tones, from linalool and myrcene terpenes.

Indica-dominant hybrid strains (hybrid meaning somewhere in the middle of sativa and indica), give that soothing head and body high. They relieve anxiety and ease your mind. Perfect for a relaxing movie night in, listening to music and doing art, or taking a bath. If that late night, sleep aid is what you’re after, there are some 100% indica strains out there as well.

Some of my favorite indica-hybrid strains are Slurricane, Lavender Royal, and Wedding Cake

Flower, Edibles Or Topicals 

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Smoke it! Eat it! Massage it into your skin! We’ve got options! 

Through exploration of your preferences, adopting your own marijuana style can be a form of self-expression. From beautiful and intricate glass pieces to the world of concentrates, to indiscrete vape technology. In the PNW, you’re never short of new ways to get high. 

Let’s get creative with our consumption. At your next girls’ night, try pairing your wine with some cannabis-infused edibles or a tasty joint. Or, experiment with CBD oil or THC/CBD capsules to help assist restful sleep. You can find what works for you and tailor your experience to your needs. 

Some even take things a step further and incorporate cannabis into other hobbies like gardening or cooking. Grow your own weed! Make a big, cannabutter infused meal for your stoner friends! Get creative, and have a bit of fun with it!

Your Menstrual Cycle’s New Best Friend

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Now that we’ve laid out the ‘how’s’ and ‘what’s’ of cannabis, let’s move on to those notable benefits that weed has for women. Being a woman is, to put it simply, a powerful and inspiring experience. As such divine creatures, the world tests us with a little extra monthly reminder of just how strong we are. This means cramps, bloating, break-outs, and stress.

Why not use the medicinal powers of cannabis, to help us out a bit? Cannabis can even assist us in the bedroom, enhancing pleasure and increasing sex drive. Women’s health and weed go hand in hand.

During each period, a woman’s progesterone levels decline. As these hormone levels decrease, inflammatory prostaglandin chemicals increase in your uterus. This is where CBD comes in. CBD is shown to reduce inflammatory prostaglandin production, aiding in those painful period cramps and other period symptoms. CBD lotions also have proven benefits for healthy skin!

You can find CBD edibles, CBD capsules, CBD topicals and some CBD flower in your local PNW dispensary. You can also buy CBD oil online. CBD will help attack the root of period pains, while THC calms your mind and relaxes your body. Honestly, try and name a better duo.

Women Supporting Women

Illustration by Felicity Marshall

Weed supports us, as women. So, let’s support weed, as women. A good way to do that? Support women in cannabis! In a generally male-dominated marijuana industry, it’s inspiring to see women paving the way right alongside them.

Nhan Pharm, a CBD Wellness brand, is dedicated to the empowerment of women through normalization of CBD. Through yoga practice and exploration of cannabis, she’s been enlightened to the connectedness and power marijuana holds for women’s health.

There are an abundance of women-run cannabis companies in the Pacific Northwest. Inspirational stories of powerful women in the marijuana industry-their current successes stemming from passions for cooking, gardening, healthy pain management alternatives, connected yoga practice, and so on.

Some of my favorite female-owned cannabis companies include Constellation (Arlington, Wash.), Trail Blazin’ (Bellingham, Wash.), and Blue Roots Cannabis (Spokane, Wash.). 

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