Electronic music is evolving rapidly all over the globe and Seattle is well known for showing an incredible love for EDM. With huge success in the DJ industry and so many different types of artists emerging, one name to follow is Worthy. The bass house producer will be performing February 9th at Q Nightclub in Seattle.

With over ten years under his belt, Worthy has made a name for himself by creating an original and creative version of traditional house music. He has also helped establish two record labels working with names like Claude Von Stroke as well as Justin and Christian Martin.

Currently Worthy is on tour with performance dates scheduled all over America plus he has a new single, ‘Keep It Out’ that was released on Exploited with other releases slotted for Strange Love and Sweat It Out on the horizon. We were able to ask him a few questions about his music and tour, and those answers are available below.

Q: Booty clapping bass” is the genre used to categorize your music on your online bio. I haven’t heard that term before and find it incredibly catchy. Where did that come from?

A: It’s a term I came up with that is derived from the genre of booty house music, so it’s not a technical genre per se. I like to put a lot of bass into the music I make and play and I have also been really inspired in the past by old school booty house. It’s a fitting term for the sound I currently make, as I always want to get everyone’s booty moving on the dance floor.

Q: You recently released tour dates for your “One on One” Tour all over the states with one date in Canada! Which venue are you most excited to play?

A: I don’t think that there is one venue overall that I am super excited to play more than others as they all are so special in different ways. So far the clubs have all been amazing and the crowds that are coming out to the shows have been super excited and the energy has been crazy.

Q: If you could play one venue that isn’t on this tour, where would it be? Do you have a favorite venue?

A: The one venue I have always desired to play at is Twilo in NYC, but It doesn’t exist anymore. That club was the place that really inspired me early on in my career. I still think it had the best sound out of any club that I have ever been to. I wish it was there still as it would give me the biggest thrill to play on that system. I also really wish we had LA on the tour but it didn’t work out timing-wise. My favorites in LA are Sound and Exchange and I’m hoping to get down to one of those soon.

Q: The One on One tour includes some awesome artists including Christian Martin, another founding father of one of your record labels, the Dirtybird Party. What is it like touring with someone who has been there since so early on?

A: It’s the best when I get to play with someone I have played with countless times over the years. Especially getting to play with Christian. Out of everyone in the crew, we have played together the most, so I really know what to expect from one of his sets and the vibe and feeling he is going to create in that room. Since I know this, I also know the way that I want to play in order to compliment his sound.

Q: You have been producing for 10+ years! What has kept you focused and grinding for that long? Did you always know that music is what you wanted to pursue? What were your biggest influences?

A: I always had a strong desire to be a musician. When I was 13 I picked up the guitar and instantly fell in love with making music and playing in bands. It wasn’t until I moved out to SF that I went full force at dance music around 2002. Once I signed a couple of tracks and all of my fellow Birds were starting to do well as producers, I felt really inspired and knew that I could make my mark, and that is when I really went full force into pursuing my dream.

Q: Your sound is super original and pulls from so many different genres of not only EDM but hip hop as well which really shows in your newest single, “Keep Me Up”. What was your inspiration for your track?

A: ‘Keep Me Up’ was inspired by the love of  Maceo Plex’s classic track ‘Falling’. Not sure how it all came together, but I was trying to look to some new places for inspiration and do something new that still grooved and had that big bass that I love. I found a little sample saying “Gonna Keep You Up.”  So I added some lyrics I wrote about what keeps me up and moving through the night. I added in a little grime, and it all just seemed to come together in a very unique and organic way in the end.

Q: You’ve lived in states all over the US including DC, NY and California. What would you say are the biggest differences when it comes to the EDM scene?

A: It’s hard for me to compare the cities on the east coast and the west coast. I definitely know there is a big difference in the mentality of the people who live on the west coast. To me, there is more of a sense of being open minded to music for West Coasters and they want to dance and release no matter how many people are at the show. I could be a bit wrong in this stance now as I haven’t lived on the East Coast in a long time, but it definitely felt like people were more self-conscious there when I was coming up.

Q: If you met someone who had no idea what kind of music you play or what electronic music even is, what would say to try and convince them to see you?

A:  The energy you are going to feel from the crowd is like nothing you have ever felt before. There is a pulse and feeling that you can’t get with any other type of music out there. I guarantee you are going to walk away transformed. Let’s do this!

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