Mixmaster Wuki hasn’t been letting COVID stop his grind on new music. The EDM legend earned a grammy nomination for his remix of “Mother’s Daughter” with Miley Cyrus and isn’t slowing down. His latest single “Hey Ladies” with Yung Baby Tate and Stoppa drops today, September 24th.

Wuki has been on the top of a music career, and this is only the tip of the iceberg for this iconic artist.  In this Respect My Region exclusive interview we chat with Kris on his latest accomplishments in the music world, breaking news on his venture into the cannabis industry, and his exciting post-COVID plans.

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Wuki Exclusive Interview

This interview was edited for clarity.

You’ve been breaking musical boundaries from festivals to film. Your track ‘Throw It’ was used in the Netflix original film, ‘Work’. Do you see anything else coming up with Netflix? Are you considering branching out into screen music?

I actually would really love to write professionally!  I have a few short stories that I have written, they might be a little amateur but I genuinely love story-telling as an art form.  I’ve been doing it more during quarantine, it’s more like a hobby but I enjoy it!

You’ve mentioned in the past that securing vocalists can be difficult. Your track ‘Better’ features your girlfriend. How did that happen? How was it working with your partner professionally and musically?

It wasn’t even planned! My original idea was to say “I’m a better DJ than all the other DJs..” she heard me recording it, and she had the idea to change it from ‘deejays’ to ‘bitch’. So I asked her if she wanted to record it, and that is literally her first take in the song! She’s amazing.


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Wuki on New Music

Congratulations on the Grammy Nomination for ‘Mother’s Daughter’ with Miley Cyrus! You’ve mentioned in the past that you specialize in mixing with pop vocalists; however, you are known as a genre-bending master. Are there any vocalists you would want to work with?

Oh my god, yes! There’s so much talent out there. I hate when people say music isn’t good these days.  I’d love to work with all sorts of vocalists. Any rap vocals I usually give a chance, and I’d love to work with Hozier or more rock vocalists. One of my favorite dance tracks of all time is ‘Professional Griefers’ by Deadmau5 and Gerard Way.

The “I See You” music video definitely makes a positive political statement addressing police brutality and standing with the Black Lives Matter movement. Was there anything you directly wanted to address with this video?

Just that we are in a huge moment right now, we are living through history and we need to stand together to find the change we want.

You created Ro Sham Bo with Nitti Gritti. How does the creative process differ when creating an album vs a mix or a single? Did you start from scratch in the studio and let the creativity take over, or was there already a concept?

It happened pretty naturally, we already had tried to collaborate a few times and we had 3/4 demos laying around.  So basically, we decided to whip it up and put out an EP.

Upcoming Plans

Unfortunately, your plans for the “Ro Sham Bo” tour didn’t work out due to COVID. Are you and Nitti Gritti planning on picking back up where you left off on the tour plans? Are you changing anything?

Honestly, we were so lucky because we only had to cancel a couple of weekends at the tail end of the tour.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen after this, but I would love to.

You’ve been staying on top of your social media game during the pandemic. Connecting with your fans on Twitch. Are there any favorite moments that stand out to you?

I have been giving producers some honest feedback on their music and a lot of them told me that its actually really helping their production.  That is a pretty awesome feeling, to be making an impact on their music and their lives right now.


Being an avid cannabis smoker you’ve now partnered up with Nuggclub on a subscription box. Can you give us any insight on which items/ herb you’ve picked to be in your ideal smoke kit?

I love edibles, I try to get ones low in sugar.  Other than that, I just get the stuff that looks good.  I usually get one kind of weed for being creative, and one for going to sleep.

Do you have any tracks you would put into a smoke-sesh playlist?

Yes, I have a song on my upcoming album that’s all about weed!

What’s next for Wuki? You’re now branching out into the cannabis market as well, how are you planning on blending your passions for marijuana and music together in the future?

I see myself stepping more into the pop and rap world. I love dance music but it has its limits, I want to just make incredible music with amazing people.

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