Vaporizers were a great way to smoke even before recreational or medical cannabis laws started making their way through the United States. Technology has improved to the point where the vaporizers on the market now are more durable and substantially more efficient than their predecessors. The XVape Aria is a highly user-friendly dry herb and concentrates vaporizer.

Most vapes claim to be easy to use while they attempt to put the consumer’s mind at ease. The Aria is one of the easier to use dual-purpose vaporizers that I’ve had the opportunity to try. Similarly to most vapes, the Aria turns on with three simple clicks of the top button. The digital control screen provides all of the necessary information needed for a successful session.

XVape Aria Waterpipe Adapter

XVape Aria Is A Dry Herb And Concentrate Vaporizor
Waterpipe Adapter

The screen informs the user of the current temperature inside the ceramic oven. There is also a battery power indicator and a countdown timer that lets you know how long you have left in the current session. The current set temperature also appears in the corner. Most of the screen is taken over by the current temperature indicator and a coffee cup. It’s time to take a huge rip once the coffee cup has stopped flashing and the Aria vibrates.

I started with my temperature set at 325 degrees Fahrenheit before finally settling on 375 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, I got a nice mixture of flavor and a light whisp of smoke. The portability and convenience of this vaporizer paired with how solid it feels in the hand make it perfect for a day on the mountain or trekking through the woods. Vaping concentrates wasn’t my favorite part of the Aria, but if you’re looking for pure convenience it would work fine. The mouthpiece gets very hot very quickly at higher temperatures. Even when vaping flower it would start to get toasty towards the end of the session.

XVape Aria

XVape Aria Is A Dry Herb And Concentrate Vaporizor

Overall the quality of the build for the Aria fits the price point that it is available for. The twelve-month warranty that comes with the product should ease any concerns associated with the product. Cleaning supplies for your first few sessions are included, but you’ll want to carry alcohol pads and cotton swabs with you.

XVape Aria Specs

  • Heats up in less than 30 seconds
  • 200 degree Fahrenheit temperature range (212*F-464*F)
  • Digital display screen
  • Built-in scraping tool
  • Downstem adaptor for a bong available
  • USB Charger
  • Two session times (5 minutes and 10 minutes)

You can purchase the XVape Aira here.

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