YG shows no signs of slowing down by dropping a new single called “Laugh Now Kry Later.” Over the years, he’s turned into an icon of the West Coast. After delivering hits for many years with projects and singles, he’s continuing to build on his success. Recent releases include songs such as “Konclusions” Kehlani and “MAMACITA” featuring Tyga and Santana. With his latest release, he stays on his grind and speaks his mind.

One of the most interesting qualities of the track is how simple it is throughout. This is mainly seen in the instrumental, as echoing vocals with driving percussion to shape it. The song heavily relies on YG’s vocals, and he doesn’t disappoint. To put things simply, he does his thing and showcases his storytelling abilities combined with raw and honest lyrics.

The video also reflects many of these elements. From start to finish, he can be seen riding down the coast along with various scenes of him hanging in his home. His latest single definitely shows him developing his sound further. If you’re a fan of YG, there is no doubt that “Laugh Now Kry Later!” will catch your attention as well.

YG – “Laugh Now Kry Later!”