Class is in session but Young Pwavy is focused on other things. This 15-year-old artist hailing from hip-hop hotbed Harlem, New York has been making waves in the music scene and is here with another splash, “Golden Boy.”

Young Pwavy got involved with music after his cousin played him some of the stuff he had been working on. Hooked from the start, he began working feverishly and released his first single “Ceilings” in 2017. Bringing old-school styles and mixing in modern beats, he has a mature sound that is years beyond his age. With over 100,000 streams on SoundCloud and multiple record labels looking in his direction, Pwavy is a lit fuse traveling up the wire and it’s only a matter of time until he blows.

Pwavy’s track, “Golden Boy,” is a tropic vibe with smooth production and presentation that I could easily hear being played out at the club. Drawing inspiration from Drake, Post Malone, and Sheck Wes. The young artist shows great finesse with his ability to switch up the pace of the song, rap at some parts, vocalize at others. This creates a layered track that keeps it fresh for the listener, never getting bored, going from fast, to slow in a way that infects the listeners with a vibe that is fun to sing and dance too. Pwavy has some real talent behind him and it will be exciting to see what he does with it.

Young Pwavy – “Golden Boy”

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