Xavier Young, better known as Zavy, is a 20-year-old artist from Orange County, California who prides himself on his versatility. Though considered a rapper, he has a remarkable singing voice that truly sets him apart from other artists. The dude’s obvious vocal chops have given him millions of streams online and plenty of eyes on his future.

Surrounded by the musical passion of his family, Zavy started developing his talents at a young age. He first began to draw attention in high school when he sang at his graduation ceremony and again when a video went viral of him rapping about the death of his grandfather.

Similarly, Zavy also had a video of him covering Xxxtentacion’s song “Changes” go viral in 2018. It has since racked up over 4 million views on Instagram and over a million on his Youtube channel.

Zavy opening for Steven Cannon at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle, Washington as part of JTM’s “We Came To Play” tour on February 18th, 2019. Photo by Courtney Ann (

On Saturday, April 13th, Eugene artist Zavy released his 5th song “Rain.” He wrote and performed the lyrics that are paired with an instrumental produced by Gora, better known as Franskiiz. The combination of his lyrics with Franskiiz’s instrumental make for an upbeat summer banger perfect for anyone’s playlist on a nice day.

“Rain” Breakdown

On this track, Zavy opens up about his feelings about trying to level up as an artist when people around you doubt your abilities. He talks about the come-up and struggles for finding success, as well as having people who doubted you try to come back in your life. The powerful emotion he conveys on this track represents the mark of future success for himself and others around him.

Zavy’s talents as a singer and rapper give him the ability to harmonize and add depth to his songs. This gives him a significant advantage over other artists and allows him to win over fans from different niches. With this in mind, he aims to produce songs that can relate to everyone.

This latest release is only a small part of his musical discography and presence as an artist. He has received hundreds of thousands of streams on songs like “VVS,” “Crazy,” and “Flex Like Zavy.”

Additionally, in January, he headlined his first show at Polar Fest in Eugene, Oregon, and sold out the WOW Hall. According to the WOW Hall, it was the first time a local artist sold out the venue in over three years.

Zavy is performing next with Lil Mosey at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, June 1. To purchase tickets, go to

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