Seattle area artist Zayside just released his latest single “Neighborhood Hero” featuring J Stone. Zayside has been building buzz over the last few months around the Seattle metro area with a high concentration in the Everett/North Seattle area he calls home.

Everett has had many contributions to hip-hop but has lacked a young frontman for the new school of talent coming from the area. Zayside has filled the role and gained traction with each release as well as his feature on Chase Fade’s Diamond Dancing cypher series.

Zay’s sound is very much west coast and I think can appeal to a wide audience. West Coast hip-hop has been a staple for the genre for decades and the new school has had an insurgence off sample-heavy slaps with off beat flows. Zay is attacking those same beats with a similar intensity except his timing and delivery are impeccable. With his last two releases,Caught Up,” and now “Neighborhood Hero,” the future looks bright for this young man.

J Stone made a great choice for the feature from the beat selection to the song’s subject as Stone and his All Money In crew know what it’s like to be neighborhood heroes. J Stone, a close friend, and collaborator with Nipsey Hussle, has made quite the standout on his own. The LA-based artist’s debut album Definition of Loyalty has stood strong on its own merit.

Zayside “Neighborhood Hero” Featuring J Stone

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