Rising pop star Zilla With Her Eyes Shut has shaken things up with her latest self-titled album. The Parisian, London-based individual has blown up all expectations and boundaries with her latest project. The 12-track LP takes you on twists and turns full of heartwarming surprises while simultaneously keeping listeners engaged the entire time.

After releasing five highly praised singles over the years, Accidental Records has been super excited to help present the self-titled album to the world. While producing songs that are similar to other pop stars like Lorde and Kali Uchis, Zilla With Her Eyes Shut seems to be just scratching the surface.

The self-titled LP is brimming with personal stories from Zilla’s life and those stories range from “memories of childhood trauma, mysterious injuries sustained while sleepwalking and coming to terms with the voices in Zilla’s head.”

Be sure to give the album a run through as she takes you on an incredibly wild ride! What you find out is that you get lost in the beautiful and creative works of her songs. Tracks like “Whatever It Is” and “Rainbows,” come out in a purely pop fashion. This is the kind of album you can guarantee will never dull the party if you crank it up to full blast.

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – Self Titled LP

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