Zips recreational cannabis dispensaries have found their own unique path to success. When legalization first came to Washington State, there was no blueprint for how to build a thriving dispensary. Some people went big and then fell short on profits not long after. This is where Zips found their niche. By stripping underperforming dispensaries, they’ve been able to put the focus back on the customer.

One of the prime examples of how their business model sets them apart are the numbers alone. Zips management took over the Diego Pellicer retail location in Seattle’s Sodo District and stripped everything of serious notoriety—and tripled their revenue! Diego was once featured on Buzzfeed and all over the internet as a flagship for Seattle cannabis tourism. Zips took away the glitz and the glamor and began giving customers some of the most competitively priced cannabis around and a streamlined shopping experience.

One of the owners broke it down like this, “customers will drive 9 miles past 4 other dispensaries to come to a Zips location.” Wide selection, affordable bulk flower, and speedy service are what they do best. With three other dispensaries in Tacoma, Zips is casually building an empire in Western Washington.

Enormous Selection

There is a multitude of reasons why people go out of their way to visit Zips dispensaries, but their huge inventory is likely one. Their SoDo location currently has over 1700 products available on their menu. This is the kind of dispensary where you always find something new to try. If there’s a new cannabis product out that people have been talking about—Zips probably carries it.

zips sodo diego pellicer

Fast Service

Zips dispensaries utilize an efficient weaving roped-off line for customers with four budtender stations at the top. This allows customers to quickly come and get what they need in a neat and orderly fashion. These dispensaries are designed for high volume and to fit in with the historic businesses surrounding them. They have found the most personal way to take a more retail-centric approach to sell weed.

Inside zips cannabis tacoma dispensary, a long counter with a wide selection of products
Zips Tacoma

Unbeatable Prices

Something is always one sale from each product category at Zips, typically for around 30% off. Not to mention they sell ounces for $30 and up. No matter how you paint it, Zips is servicing a faithful clientele that is willing to go out of their way to spend with them. Their online menus are stacked with options that speak to the thrifty consumer as well as the cannasseur.

Visit the official Zips website here for more information.

Zips dispensary sign on a concrete wall