High CBD strains of cannabis are perfect for consumers looking to partake in the benefits of CBD, but not looking to experience the euphoric high of THC. Although there are many methods of consuming CBD, many advocates for the plant prefer smoking flower to other methods. Bleu Genius by Eugenius is an exceptional CBD-Rich strain, bred with high terpene content and unique bud structure

Why Smoke CBD? 

Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate can be consumed via a variety of methods (for a review of CBD and it’s consumption methods see Breaking Down Basics on CBD Products). Flower is an unmodified source of CBD and other cannabinoids, not sent through isolation or extraction processes. Smoking or vaping full flower also makes the effects immediate, and the bioavailability is higher compared to ingestible and topical products. Just like in a dispensary, you can buy CBD flower like Bleu Genius in jars or as pre-rolls. Companies like Primary Jane have Bleu Genius flower for sale that is grown on a USDA organic certified hemp farm, as well as other strains like bubble gum hydro, lifter, haze, and more.

Bleu Genius Strain Profile 

The strain Bleu Genius is a hybrid CBD strain known for its potentially calming, clear-headed effects. The inflorescences are light and airy, making the flower great for packing a bowl or joint. The flowers are primarily light green but have dark purple notes coated with trichomes. The terpene profile gives the hemp flower a dark, gassy, citrus scent followed by notes of berry upon grinding. This strain tests at 23% total cannabinoids on average. This strain typically tests at about 22:1 CBD to THC ratio, which may give consumers a lift but without the euphoria associated with higher THC concentrations. 

Be a Mindful Consumer

As with any product, be sure you are consuming hemp flower that is free from harmful contaminants. Credible producers will list their third-party-lab test results on their website so that you can verify that the tincture, flower, or other product contains the CBD they are selling. Credible companies grow their flower organically and safely.