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Blue Dream – What You Really Need To Know About The Most Popular Cannabis Strain (Part 1)

Blue Dream is “a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain,” according to Leafly. Originally popularized in California, Blue Dream is the #1 selling strain of cannabis flower week in and week out. Hourly updates from LemonHaze.com show that Legends is growing a Blue Dream, currently ranking as top sellers in Washington State.

Outside of Washington, Blue Dream is also one of the strains searched most often throughout the world. Visit Leafly’s popular strain section and you’ll generally see it listed in the first slot. Click on the Bd strain tile to learn more about more about Blue Dream and continue reading down below to learn more about why this strain became so popular.

Leafly Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream

“This week we’re taking a look at Blue Dream, one of the biggest names in cannabis. Learn about this strain’s flavors, effects, and more!” – Leafly.com | February 2015


Seed to Strain: Blue Dream | Merry Jane

“In this episode of Seed to Strain we spotlight one of the most popular strains on the West Coast, Blue Dream. Whether you are new to toking or a cannabis connoisseur chances are you’ve heard of these fluffy blue nugs. The sativa-dominant hybrid which hit the scene a decade ago, will enliven your mind while relaxing your body.” – Merry Jane

“Today, Blue Dream continues on as both a medical dispensary and recreational shop staple. The strain continues to rein because unlike other popular flowers, there is no proprietary license so you’re free to grow, where it’s legal that is.” – Merry Jane

The Most Counterfeit Strain in Colorado: Blue Dream! | Leafbuyer.com

“Join Leafbuyer, The Trichome Institute, and 420 Science as we dive into the Strain Name Dilemma! When dispensaries need to quickly sell marijuana flower, they may slap on a more popular strain name like Blue Dream or Girl Scout Cookies. Legal marijuana is still a budding movement, so the average cannabis consumer is, unfortunately, under-educated about the differences between strains AND how to identify bad (moldy, unflushed, etc.) cannabis. Luckily, Max & Gary are here to help!” – Leafbuyer.com | October 2016

Now that we’re all a little more familiar with the story behind this type of cannabis, let’s dive into a real strain review from a fellow smoker in Washington State. Check out PositiveSmash420’s review below!

Blue Dream by Legends – Legal WA Cannabis Review | November 2016


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