edc mexico 2023

EDC Mexico 2023 Features Incredible Talent and Vibrant Culture

Among all the EDC franchises, EDC Mexico feels the most overlooked and least talked about. Located in Mexico City, the city is full of culture, taking the time to explore the city is a must. The location is densely packed with varieties of food, art, and plenty of things to do.

The crowd at EDC Mexico is full of life and uplifting energy, and the lineup properly matches that. Per usual, the festival features high-quality production and art installations. With a wide variety of genres and talent, the festival attracts over 150,000 attendees.

EDC Mexico brings attendees the full EDC experience at a fraction of a cost. Tickets can be bought for lower than $200USD, and local hotel and AIRBNB prices are also significantly less expensive. For people who are hesitant to fully commit to EDC Las Vegas, this is a budget-friendly option. Despite being at a fraction of the cost of Vegas, the lineup for EDC Mexico is just as star studded. See below for our list of artists to see this year!

Most Anticipated Sets at EDC Mexico 2023

Friday, February 24th

JSTJR at Circuit Grounds 5:15-6:05 PM

JSTJR has been gaining traction not only for his music, but for his online persona and social media content as well. He brings that same energy on stage, so it’s bound to be a fun one. If you’re at the festival early, stop by his set!

SIDEPIECE at Kinetic Fields 8:13-9:48 PM

It comes as a surprise for most people that SIDEPIECE is Nitti Gritti and Partyfavor’s passion project. On My Mind has become a house anthem. They’re masterminds at creating house bangers. Don’t miss out on going to Third Base with them.

999999999 at Neon Garden 8:30-10 PM

With this being a hybrid live/DJ set at EDC Mexico, 999999999 will have a lot more freedom in the set and cater to the crowd’s energy better. Although their music hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, they’re well known by dedicated techno fans and highly regarded. Keep them on your radar.

Mau P at Stereo Bloom 10:15-11:30 PM

Although Mau P hasn’t been around that long, he has quickly risen to the top in a short amount of time. “Drugs From Amsterdam” is a global hit and has caught the attention of many big-name DJs. He continues to ride the wave of his success as he rolls out new tracks such as “Gimme That Bounce.”

Saturday, February 25th

Aluna at Circiut Grounds 6-7 PM

Aluna has an incredible voice and is a popular feature in the scene. Most of her featured songs are top hits, such as “Forget About Me” with Diplo and “Inhale Exhale” on Skrillex’s latest album. She is a skillful songwriter and deserves all the success. Fingers crossed that she sings live as a part of her EDC Mexico set.

Sunday, February 26th

Elderbrook (Sunset Set) at Circuit Grounds 6-7PM

Elderbrook’s music is like chicken soup for the soul. Especially with their set being at sunset, it’s a great warm up for the later sets. Their set will help destress you after two long festival days.

Galantis at Kinetic Field 11:13 PM-12:24 AM

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Galantis. Although the duo has been pretty quiet recently, there’s no doubt that they’re cooking up something new. Their set is always uplifting with great energy, and the possibility of hearing some IDs is always a plus.

James Hype at Kinetic Field 8:13-9:41 PM

James Hype has been the talk around town since “Ferrari” blew up. In addition, he is known for his technical skills when DJing, and consistently keeps the energy high. There’s never a dull moment when he’s on the decks.

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