Elevate Cannabis Co. started eight years ago in Colorado, when Shane Reece, Corey Lord and Jessica Fort started talking about cannabis. It was just talk at first, but momentum built and they “went for it.” After operating in Colorado for two years and feeling the market was over saturated, the Elevate team headed to Washington in 2012, Lord said. Lord is the Cultivation Manager of Elevate Cannabis Co., Fort is the CEO and Reece is the Operations Manager.

After I-502’s “herky jerky start,” Elevate entered Washington’s recreational market in 2015, hit their stride and haven’t slowed down since.

Finding  team chemistry  took some time, and they went through a lot of people, Lord explained.  Eventually they found a group of people that respected the company, the team and the plants in equal terms. This synchronicity allowed them to carve out a space on competitive recreational store shelves.

“I hate to look at it as competition,” Lord said.

Elevate believes every brand brings something unique to the table, and there’s plenty of room for everyone to eat. Elevate’s contribution? Strain selection. If each strain doesn’t leave Lord on the edge of his seat, it doesn’t make the cut.  Elevate offers 12 strains consistently, with 6 more being cycled into the line-up. It’s a process to familiarize yourself with a new plant; dialing in a phenotype from seed to flower can take more than seven months, Lord said. Elevate takes the time to ensure everything they produce is high quality and potent.

Lord’s Favorite Strains In The Garden

A few of Lord’s favorite strains are Key Lime Pie, Sin Mint Cookies, and Bruce Banner.

Key Lime Pie is a short and stocky high yielder. She wields a loud and sweet citrus gas aroma.

Sin Mint Cookies towers over her neighbors in the garden. The high is super stony like a classic cookies, with an added vibrant sweetness.

Bruce Banner is a classic strain that will be in Lord’s garden until the end of time. A Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush cross. It’s a mellow hybrid that low and high tolerance smokers can handle it.

Look For New Strains and Concentrates From Elevate Cannabis Co.

Elevate has a new batch of  Sour Cookies live resin terp sauce that for all of the terp chasers. With 11 percent terpenes detected, their concentrates are getting closer to tasting how harvest smells. Imagine if a day taste similar to the ripe smell of a grow room at day 62.

Elevate is releasing limited batches of two new strains: The Sauce and Extreme OG. Both are crossed with Green Ribbon. The other half of the crosses are Gorilla Glue 4 and Fire OG respectively. Look out for these strains where ever you find Elevate Cannabis Co.