The Georgia Pie strain is an original indica cut from Berner’s Cookies brand that has a more than charming appearance. This strapping cultivar comes from crossing Cookies’ sought-after Gelatti with the loud, piney, and terpene-rich Kush Mints 11. The smoke on this strain is incredibly smooth with sour and spicy OG flavors getting a light accent of sweet mint. Users may find the effects to be potentially perfect for initiating an artistic high that ultimately has you big chilling.

On first glance, the nugs are definitely attention-grabbing. Diverse shades of dark and earthy greens make up its foliage with the light, white trichomes resembling fresh snowfall. The pistils are a dark cherry orange that wriggle between the cracks of the calyxes. The buds will have an almost wet color that implies its resiny interior. On the nose, you’ll pick up a mixture of peachy mango sweetness and minty gas. Cracking a nug open, you may pick up more of its spicy and rich notes.

With no lab information available on the terpenes for the Georgia Pie strain, I can make a few inferences. There seems like there’d be the prominence of myrcene considering its sweet peach-like aroma and potentially uplifting and relaxing effects.

Georgia Pie Strain by Cookies

Then there might be some limonene or pinene present to create some of that minty flavor. These terps may also lend to the creative high that might come at first before locking you into stony sedation.

Smoking on some of the Georgia Pie strain will taste fresh and dessert-like with an almost coffee-like bitterness. A few puffs may lead to a clear head and inspiring thoughts that zone you in on whatever you’re working on to unwind. This might be a great strain to finish off your night and fall asleep with while watching your favorite show or doing some light reading. The body high that might wrap around your body may feel like a cozy blanket.

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