A Real Review Of Phantom Fire Wreck Sugar Crumble By Sunshine Farms

Phantom Fire Wreck Sugar Crumble By Sunshine Farms

For this new view, Manuel discusses the Phantom Fire Wreck sugar crumble from Sunshine Farms. This strain and its effects are unknown to me, however, this sugar crumble does look quite delicious and was said to be “vegan” in the video. Watch Recreational 420’s review and let us know if you’d buy this Sunshine Farm Sugar Phantom Fire Wreck given the opportunity.

Phantom Fire Wreck Sugar Crumble By Sunshine Farms 

When it comes to concentrates, I base my decision based on a number of key variables. The first focuses on where the oil was extracted from. The second keys in on how “clean” the cannabis really is because I cannot stand smoking or dabbing weed with chemicals. Last, I make sure to stick with teams who use sustainable methods or who are supremely talented at what they do. When it comes to Sunshine Farms and their Phantom Fire Wreck Sugar Crumble, I’d definitely do a dab or two.

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