Tessa Rae - Faded (Jake Crocker Remix) Strain Pairing Recommendation: Sour Diesel

3 Songs You Should Listen To While High on Weed

The first time I heard music and was high, I felt like my body and mind were both taken to a whole new level of happiness. I experienced feelings of euphoria, newfound creativity, plus I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who had great vibes. That memory is so powerful and impacted my life in such a way that it inspired me to begin a new music and cannabis series dedicated to pairing strains and songs that can improve one’s music experience.

Since cannabis helped me to better connect to both music and people, I want to share examples where specific strains helped elevate my music experience. Feel free to comment and share examples of songs or strains you think I should include on my next list.

New Songs To Listen To | Top Strains to Smoke

‘Activate’ – DJ Beauflexx

Strain Pairing Recommendation: OG Kush

Beauflexx is an OG performer that is well-known throughout the Pacific Northwest. With OG Kush being a classic cannabis strain, this potent hybrid is the perfect option if you’re looking for a high that is similar to a slight buzz. Whether you’re catching one of Beauflexx’s shows in Spokane or maybe you’re bumping his latest track, ‘Activate’, from his Soundcloud, we highly recommend some OG Kush.

‘Friend of a Friend’ – Decent at Best

Strain Pairing Recommendation: Blue Dream

“Tacoma’s Decent at Best has been making waves on the site over this past year and we’re loving this new release as much as the last. ‘Friend of a Friend’ is a great mix of letting the groove breathe and funky vocal riffs.” – Mitch Pfeifer (‘Friend of a Friend’ Released By Tacoma’s Decent at Best)

Blue Dream is already known as a blissful balancing act, complete with full-body relaxation and an uplifting head high. Combine that with 4+ minutes of groovy futuristic funk tunes, and I can almost guarantee you’ll be searching through the rest of their Soundcloud. Once you start bumping Decent at Best, it’s hard to stop.

Tessa Rae – Faded (Jake Crocker Remix)

Strain Pairing Recommendation: Sour Diesel

Stress, pain, and depression are known to fade away which is why Sour Diesel is a top choice among many smokers. After lighting up some of Seattle’s black market Sour D and turning on Jake Crocker’s ‘Faded’ remix, I noticed my mood changed almost immediately. It’s funny how good music can improve even the most troubling of days.

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