The Rippz Strain from Seed Junky Genetics pictured packaged in an ounce size of Red, Yellow, and Green sealable baggie.

The Rippz Strain Review Featuring Seed Junky Genetics & Greenhouse Collective

While passing through Lompoc on our West Coast Weed Tour, Joey and the Respect My Region team stopped by The Greenhouse Collective Dispensary and picked up The Rippz strain from Seed Junky Genetics. This strain has been gaining hype for sometime now so we can’t say that we were at all disappointed when their team recommended the designer buds.

The Rippz Strain:

West Coast Weed Tour Review

The flower for the Rippz strain was packaged in a classic rastafari color-schemed resealable mylar bag. The terpenes, CBD, and THC percentages were printed clearly so that the consumer is fully aware of the compliant nature as well as some numbers supporting the fire they’re about to light up. 

Pictured: The Rippz Strain baggie from Seed Junky Genetics. Colored with red, yellow, and green.

Joey unsealed the bag and was met with a sweet and creamy aroma that immediately had him feeling cozy and right at home. The Rippz buds were a deep earthy green with a few intense purples popping up throughout.

The largest nug in the batch was around .4g’s, so this isn’t a flower that immediately impresses the eyes due to big nugs. The Rippz strain from Seed Junky Genetics featured buds that were a bit leafy but served a healthy snap when I started to break it up. The gassy scent intermingling with berries was already enough to have my interest peaked. 


After seeing “2% terpenes” listed for The Rippz strain, it was clear that the flavor would take center stage. Immediately after the first bong-hit this proved to be true. The small-bud worries melted away as Joey was wrapped in the blanket of earthy, berry, cream-soda goodness that defines The Rippz Strain.

This strain is much more than meets the eye. If you are looking for a full-sensory smoking experience, The Rippz will do you well.


Total Cannabinoids: 25.1%

THC: 21.8%

Total CBD: >2%