ZoZ Cannabis Enters Washington's Recreational Market In Serious Style

ZoZ Cannabis Enters Washington’s Recreational Market In Serious Style

ZoZ Cannabis has been in the medical game for around 12 years. They have been working as a small team of eight to produce craft cannabis that’s bar-none. As of today, the Mount Vernon producer/processor is officially entering the recreational market in Washington.

Last year, around January 3rd, they completely shut down their operation to pivot into an i502 compliant facility. This meant gutting and re-outfitting their entire indoor grow. On top of that, they’ve been working with sleek cannabis marketing group Wick & Mortar to bring their potent product to market with style and sensibility.

The ZoZ team has taken extensive care into limiting the footprint their packaging is leaving on the planet. They’re working with CannaCycle to promote the recycling of all of their glass jars, as well as talking with the LCB about having a returnable jar program. The card-stock that goes over their jars that contains strain information blocks light-penetration when on the shelf, and is also recyclable. They’ve even been working with Lucid Green to potentially create a returnable package incentive.


ZoZ Cannabis Enters Washington's Recreational Market In Serious Style

As a brand, ZoZ is all about committing to social responsibility. They believe in promoting positive energy in the community by giving back to local efforts. These local efforts include increasing safety, diversity, and inclusivity within the cannabis nightlife, and entertainment industry.

More than 70% of the team running the show at ZoZ are women. They feel strongly about amplifying voices of marginalized identities and creating safer spaces. Starting with their brand release on March 20th, and moving forward a portion of all sales they receive will go to Invest Attention.

ZoZ Cannabis Enters Washington's Recreational Market In Serious Style

Now, about their cannabis. Wow. It’s gorgeous. They currently boast a roster of several laudable strains from around the world, but with their own artisanal touch. If you’re looking for a Purple Punch, or an Agent Orange done right—look no further. Other notable strains include their Black Mamba, Purple Cat Piss, Strawberry Kush, Double Dream, 9lb Hammer, CBD Critical Mass, with more to come.

With the current recreational market in Washington looking pretty competitive, ZoZ is covering all their bases to put out a thoughtful, potent, and environmentally-conscious product. After their brand launch party in Ballard, Respect My Region expects to see them grow exponentially. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for any new updates!



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