Have A Heart, the Seattle based recreational cannabis store has been rapidly expanding. They’ve opened new retail stores in several states with legalized medical or recreational cannabis. Their five Washington locations accompany 12 other legal operations in five different states. Those states include California, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii, and Iowa. Have A Heart also became the first Washington recreational cannabis store to join the Commercial Workers International Union.

The customer service at the locations I have visited has always been exceptional. A vast selection of cannabis products is featured on their shelves including the likes of Cookies, Exotikz, TKO Reserve, and Leira Cannagars. Their success and national expansion can be attributed to many things, all of which point back to Have A Heart’s passion for the cannabis consumer.

Have A Heart Has Expanded To California And Oregon

Photo Credit: Have A Heart

California and Oregon Expansion

Recently they opened stores in Oregon and California, both states with legalized recreational cannabis for 21+ adults. Located just an hour south of Portland in Salem, their Oregon store was opened earlier this year. Each of their stores is specifically designed to fit the local customer. Have A Heart does their best to blend into the neighborhood they’re establishing residence in. They feature a range of Oregon’s most trusted brands, ensuring that they can meet any price point.

California also had the pleasure of welcoming a Have A Heart store. One is currently open in Coalinga, Oakland will have two stores, one is also on the way in Blythe, and consumption lounge is opening in West Hollywood.

There is a huge advantage to these stores though, California allows for cannabis delivery. Each Have A Heart location will delivery option available, bringing the cannabis to the consumer. This helps customers who may not drive receive product for either recreational or medical uses.

Delivery is not available in Washington, but we imagine they’ll utilize that if it happens here.

About Have A Heart

The company started with five locations in Seattle in early 2018, rapidly they’ve expanded their reach from Washington to other states. All of their expansion occurred within this year, a majority of it seems to have taken place in the last six months. They have more than 15 applications pending in additional states as well, along with potential mergers between other companies. Quickly they’ve become a nationally recognized brand, at least in the cannabis industry. They are providing the foundation for cannabis companies to become national brands.

Recently they acquired cannabis brokerage company CannaMLS, a message board used for postings of cannabis companies for sale. They’ve also acquired $25 million in series A financing to aid their rapid expansion.