How to Order Weed Online: Purchasing Legal Cannabis Products Near Me

How to Order Weed Online: Purchasing Legal Cannabis Products Near Me

Regions like Canada and California find themselves blessed with cannabis delivery services akin to Amazon Prime or even Uber. Not only can you purchase your next batch of goodies from the comfort of your home, but you can pick from a huge selection as well. This is a very palpable avenue for cannabis consumers in the future, especially when considering its success for companies like CannaSweets.

Despite the convenience, it is possible for less computer-savvy individuals to find new struggles with cannabis delivery. With that in mind, we have put together this guide. Keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of the online cannabis delivery process.

How to Order Weed Online | A Guide to Picking Up on the Internet
Faded Edibles from via @cannasweets2 on Instagram

1. Browse The Website’s Selection

Obviously, before you do anything hasty you’re going to want to see what you can get. Even if you go onto one of these websites knowing what you’re looking for, it’s almost impossible to not find something new or on sale

Click on categories like Edibles, Flower, etc to browse product types. Next, it’s usually good to filter the items based on price or potency (depending on your constraints and criteria respectively). Not everyone has the money for a dispensary’s “Staff-Choice Artisan Super Weed” that is usually on the front page, and some people in turn do. Whether it’s THC percentage or price you care more about, these filters prove particularly valuable.

Adding To And Managing Your Cart

When you find items you like, click the “Add to Cart” button to add them to your order. Make sure you aren’t double-clicking or misadjusting the quantity, or else you may end up with more or less of what you were looking for. You can click on your cart, typically a shopping cart icon or a button that says “My Cart,” to review what you’ve already selected before calculating tax and shipping.

Many places also offer deals that include free shipping over a max cart total, or plain old coupon codes you can enter at checkout. Be on the lookout for that so you can add them during this next step.

2. Checking Out And Placing An Order

When you’re certain you’ve found everything you’re looking for, you can hit the Checkout button to start the ordering process. The two most important points on the checkout page are your billing and shipping addresses. Always remember that there are two of these, and they each have a distinction.

You may need to double-check bank info if you don’t know your billing address. In most cases, this address ends up being the same as shipping, but it’s different for each person’s circumstance. The billing address is the same info you gave your bank when you registered whatever card/payment method was used for the order. The shipping address, on the other hand, is simply where the cannabis products are being delivered.

After squaring away the personal info, it may be good to check what the website’s substitution policy is. If products are unavailable upon order processing, you can permit the substitution of some of the items you request. It’s very important to make sure you give a say in this matter. You do not want to see your products substituted by something you wouldn’t have picked.

Payment And Terms Of Conditions

Always make sure you review terms and conditions before placing an order with a company. Once that’s squared away, the last thing you need to functionally do is pay for your order. Many sites use an “E-Transfer” system. This is an email-grounded process wherein you will receive an email with instructions after you click “Place Order.”

Payment by email is not inherently suspicious, but always double-check that what you are seeing is the real deal. Website/brand impersonators, known as phishers, may attempt to get you to provide them with personal and payment information. This of course happens rarely, and the best way to ensure security is to make sure everything, proper nouns especially, are spelled correctly. For example, if the website name is CannaSweets, don’t trust an email from “CanaSweets” or “CannaSvveets,” etc.

When you receive the payment email, you will be asked to provide card/bank info to complete the payment. This is taken back to the website, where associates process the order and ship it out the next day. This brings us to the easiest step.

How to Order Weed Online | A Guide to Picking Up on the Internet
Death Tuna flower by KRFT MRKT via @cannasweets2 on Instagram

3. Wait For Your Goods In Peace

Don’t be like my brother. Some people, himself included, feel the need to anxiously stare out their window until a package arrives. It’s amusing for everyone except the person in question, and you’ll just stress yourself out doing it.

Cannabis delivery is no different from any other shipping service, and you can likely set up email/text notifications once you place an order. Check your junk inbox if you did not receive an e-mail with a tracking number.

Getting your cannabis delivered to your doorstep wasn’t always an alien concept, but it’s a beautiful one in legality. For people who cannot or prefer not to leave the house, this is a utility that can prove highly beneficial. If you’re in the Canada region, CannaSweets is one example of such a website that makes picking up your weed professional and expedient.




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