Strains that are potent with CBD have come into favor for medical patients and people looking for the non-psychoactive effects of cannabis. The Sour Tsunami strain is a prime example of a cultivar specifically bred to produce high CBD. This strain took over four years of crossing Sour Diesel Plants with New York City Diesel to finally breed a pheno with very low THC. The terpenes are still firmly in place, giving it a super familiar sour funk with a slice of sweetness.

When laying eyes on the Sour Tsunami strain, it still has very aesthetically pleasing buds. Dark green hues with purple splotches make up the appearance of this sativa-dominant strain. The trichomes are still popping like crazy across its entire surface. You’ll first smell a sugary yet acrid musky stench until you break a nug apart, then you’ll pick up its floral, piney, and sweet undertones. You might even notice a small hint of citrus hiding in the depths of its aromatic profile. 

The dominant terpenes for the Sour Tsunami strain lend further explanation to its potential effects. Myrcene, terpinolene, and alpha-pinene are the main terps you’ll find in this strain. I’d normally expect to find beta-caryophyllene in the mix from the funky musk and reports of pain relief, but not this time.

Sour Tsunami Strain

Image via @rose_city_hustle

Myrcene is a classically calming terpene that brings in some of the sweet notes. Terpinolene offers a potentially uplifting feeling, as well as some of the fresh and herbaceous aromas. Alpha-pinene is the most common terpene in the natural world that brings in sharp, piney aromas and may lend to stress and anxiety relief.

When you smoke on some of the Sour Tsunami strain, the high CBD may bring about almost immediate pain relief to the body. The terpinolene will lend to the uplifting and euphoric qualities the high may subtly turn on. The Diesel lineage will still give the smoke a funky earthy flavor. You’re not going to feel any of the engaging cerebral high that usually comes from Diesel strains, but you might still find a healthy focus. Smoking this strain might be great for pushing through the last part of your day. It may also take away some of your daily body pain to help streamline your morning rituals as a pleasant early day smoke.

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